Luis and Soledad have been a true treasure chest of amazing food in Puerto Cayo. Bringing not only amazing dishes to their tables but an incredible atmosphere that manages to be both welcoming and gourmet.
“A Tropical Treat
A creative offering of food on a beautiful beach setting. Everything was so artistic: the beach garden, the decor, the presentation of the food. And why not, the owners are artists and writers. We had Sunday brunch on the patios facing the ocean and the breeze was perfect. I had the gazpacho and grilled octopus but my colleagues went for a more U.S. style lunch. Food was fabulous.”

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Located on the boardwalk.


Don Beder’s “El Dorado” restaurant has been a staple spot for people living and visiting Puerto Cayo for a long time. Known as having one of the best viche (Peanut based seafood soup) around, it’s definitely worth putting on your list of places to eat.


Foca Dorada has continued to be a good option on the Malecon and often open when everyone is closed.

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