The local Tourism Association is the arm of the Junta de Puerto Cayo (the provicial government, also known as the “paroquia”.) They are responsible for all environmental clean-up activities in our community.

There are several projects that currently being planned to improve the apCayo T-Shirtpearance of Puerto Cayo.

  1. Local Education, Awareness and Pride Campaign
  2. Beach Clean-ups (Mingas)
  3. Strategic location of more trash cans
  4. General town clean up
  5. Clean up of roadways, including the improvement in the “basureros” (trash platforms) in front of properties
  6. Recycling Program
  7. Public Recycled Art Projects

It should be noted that at this time there is no budget in the paroquia to address any of these issues. All activities require donations, sponsors and volunteers. Nonetheless, acting on behalf of the Tourism Association, planning and progress are underway.

VOLUNTEER TODAY! Foreign residents welcomed always welcomed to meetings and activities. Your constructive ideas and experience are very much needed. CONTACT


trashcan sketchSaturday, August 20, 9-noon.
Our community team artfully painted recycled tires that will stacked to create 10 new trashcans (see sketch.) along the malecon and centro areas of town. Hector Burmudez supplied the tires and location, Julius Mora brought the paint, brushes and refreshments, and Ecuador Expat Realty bought our signage.  Thanks to all who participated. This is just the start of making Cayo more beautiful.