• How do I get to Puerto Cayo? (Directions)

    Not to worry. We have you covered. Visit our pages on directions to Puerto Cayo here >>
  • Are there any ATMs?

    No. In fact, this is probably one of the biggest things people forget when coming to Puerto Cayo. Be sure to withdraw any money you might need before traveling. Credit cards are not accepted everywhere (hotels are ok) and there is no ATM. Visiting the nearby towns of JipiJapa or Puerto Lopez you can find ATM access and plenty of souvenirs to purchase.
  • Where can I stay?

    Great question! Visit our business directory to see not only where you can stay but also, where you can eat and more. Just click here >>
  • How much should I pay the taxis?

    Unless traveling from town to a further location, the taxis should almost always cost $1. The motor taxis can be waived down from the road.
  • Is there car rental in Puerto Cayo?

    No. In fact, even getting a normal sedan taxi isn’t a quick process without a phone number. If you need assistance with this, please contact us and we can call one for you. (click here)
  • What time of year are the whales visible?

    June through September the whale tours are open. If you would like assistance or recommendations, contact us anytime. (click here)
  • I am vegetarian, are there options for me.

    Plenty of options. Come enjoy.
  • If I have an emergency, what should I do?

    Puerto Cayo has a local hospital in the upper area of town and the police station is located at the entry of the route coming into from JipiJapa. If you have an emergency, it is recommended that you ask someone for assistance in contacting the necessary services to assist. You will find everyone here willing to help and you should not feel awkward asking for assistance. Additionally, 911 services are functional in Puerto Cayo and can be called from any local phone.