In Puerto Cayo, there is never a risk of having nothing to do, yet in the midst of so many options, maybe the greatest option remains still being able to sit back and relax in a perfect climate, a small friendly town and on an amazing beach all at once. Puerto Cayo presents its visitors with activities ranging from whale tours, to jungle and monkey tours, eco-farm tours, snorkeling, cultural events and of course, relaxation on the beach.

Whale Tours

whales1Of course you can see the Whales!!! From June to September, the whales are happy to entertain. Tours can be taken from Puerto Lopez which is a quick 20 minutes south of Puerto Cayo. It’s an experience not to be missed and be sure to not forget the cameras!

Real Estate & Home Tours

homesLooking for land to build your dream home? New to Ecuador and thinking about Puerto Cayo? Maybe you want to see examples of what other people have built here in Cayo? Our Home & Real Estate tours help you to both integrate with the community and get some ideas along the way. We can help ensure that you have a reliable experience in finding the pefect place for you.


fishingLove fishing? The Ecuadorean coast is the place for you. The stretch of water between Puerto Lopez and Manta is one of the largest conduits for Dolphin Fish, Marlin and Tuna. Spend a day on the water and you are bound to feed yourself and the entire family.

Snorkeling & Diving

snorkelingJust off the coast of Ecuador is the amazing Isla de La Plata. It’s an exquisite and pristine island with no permanent living and crystal clear waters. On land it is a tropical paradise for numerous varieties of Frigate birds and other wildlife. Below water you can bump into our friends the Sea Turtles and any of the resident Sea Lions.

Farm & Jungle Tours

farmPuerto Cayo’s unique location of beach paradise backed by it’s own mountain chain, means that you can skip from sand to jungles filled with bamboo and monkeys in a matter of minutes. If touching the community is in your interests, then come along with us on the farm & jungle tour for a day of hiking, interacting with the community and maybe howling along with some monkeys.

Surf, Surf, Surf!!!

surfPuerto Cayo is not the largest surf destination in Ecuador but we have always seen that as a benefit. It means no major crowds or the build up of business that comes along with it. That being said, Puerto Cayo doesn’t act shy when it comes to getting your board in the water. With seasonal breaks, if you come at the right time, you might just find the perfect curl right off the beach with an easy paddle out.